Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Garage Band



Bo Peep

Emerging from the garages of Boston, Bo Peep will shoot to the top of the techno scene in 2009 with their debut album, Bo Peep - My Lost Sheep. The band's first album, Bo Peep - My Lost Sheep, unites Taylor Webb's saccharine lyrics with poppy strumming to turn out a solid record chock full of ultra-catchy gems. With standout tracks like "The Lost," it is certain to be certified platinum in Europe and America. Bo Peep can count on loads of future success.

Bo Peep embraces many of the genres included in Techno: Acid House, Downtempo, House, Ambient, Drum 'n' Bass, IDM, Trance, Big Beat, Electro, Jungle, Tribal, Breakbeat, Garage, Progressive, Trip Hop and all things creative and experimental.